Truffle Valley Boys( Italie)

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Truffle Valley Boys( Italie)

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Truffle Valley Boys @ The Crossover

  • ma 20 juni
  • 20:00
  • +25
  • 12,00

The Truffle Valley Boys is a band with a mission: bringing back the raw, powerful and genuine sound of the early years of Blue Grass music. The group draws its repertoire and sound from some of the more obscure Blue Grass artists of the early-to-mid 1950s – defining years for this musical genre, which sprung as a branch of Country music, strongly influenced by Western Swing and Blues, and that played a very important role in the birth of Rockabilly. Characterized by the use of instruments like banjo, mandolin and resophonic guitar, and by a particular attention to vocal harmonies, the band “dances” around a single microphone, in an intricate dynamic choreography, to fully reproduce the visual and musical experience of a mid-century Blue Grass band. With their three records having obtained enthusiastic reviews on international print, the band travels thousands of miles every year all across Europe, and often headlines major Blue Grass and Hillbilly music festivals.

Matt Ringressi – Mandolin, guitar, vocals Germano Ciavone – Banjo, vocals Denny Rocchio – Resophonic guitar, guitar, vocals Emanuele Valente – Electric bass

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