Hundred Seventy Split

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Hundred Seventy Split

Blues Rock Band - gb

Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch - the founding members of Hundred Seventy Split, are the members of the legendary band Ten Years After. The former was a founding member and played with the band during the original Woodstock festival in 1969!
The duo started collaborating when composing songs for Ten Years After and has been playing and composing together since then. Hundred Seventy Split first album - „The World Won't Stop” was released in 2010. In 2013 Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch left Ten Years After to concentrate on their new band. In february they released a new album - "HSS" and started touring to promote it.
Their shows are very popular, not only among Ten Years After fans (even though they play Ten Years After songs next to their original material). We are proud to invite everyone to their gig. It will surely be as energetic and thrilling as all of the music that these gentlemen already made.

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