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Hi, my name is Jorg and I'm a guitar player from Belgium.

Started at the age of 11, today I am 42. After years of being a wingman on countless international projects, the time has come to tell my own story, ooh I am ready!

I'm afraid WILK won't fit just 1 box. Blues, roots, soul, rock that touches psychedelic boundries, americana and all them sub-genres that interconnect are dealt with, groove-wise. I have the impression that this kind of genres has been fallen a bit in the background in the Belgian music scene. There's plenty going on, but it's inconspicuously, out of the picture, somewhere in the back of a dark pub. WILK steps out of these shades, into the spotlight.

We wanna show that Ghent, Flanders, Belgium also has roots with groovy cajones in its guts! Raah...

Music itself is limitless and free for me.

When I start to play, reality evaporates into some kind of parallel universe. Concepts such as time can lose their boundaries, that's why a Wilk song can take up to 10 minutes.

There is a reason why some music are categorised as "timeless". ;-)

Wilk embraces the world in which I live, in a musical way.

The people around me, what I love, the society that frustrates, childhood memories, future prospects, ... I dump it all in songs and hurl them to a willing audience.

The guitar is put central. This instrument allows me to project my own emotion without difficulty. A bright red ES335, Gibson’64. Every musician can relate to the feeling of connecting with an instrument. It is the door to my soul. I immediately knew when I pumped this pearl through a '72 fender twin reverb that I had found my inner color.

All WILK songs start with sound, which is then filled with content. These lyrics come out of a gut feeling and find their way to paper.

But WILK isn't just me.

Super thankful is a mega understatement to express my gratitude that I can play with such a classy musicians, that these people support, but above all strengthen me in bringing my story. Thanks!

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