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Beyond The Labyrinth

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Beyond The Labyrinth - Award Winning Melodic Rock  

Beyond The Labyrinth (BTL) is a group of accomplished rock musicians with various backgrounds ranging from mainstream, A.O.R and progressive rock, drawing inspiration from (a.o. but not limited to) bands like Deep Purple, Queen, Genesis, Toto, 70’s pop and rock to 80 and 90’s metal,.

Since 1996, BTL have released 4 albums and numerous singles, with numerous video clips to support

Beyond The Labyrinth believe in the symbiosis and cross inspiration between different art forms and have fully embraced new the link with videography and photography as an added a art form instead of for promotional purposes only. Check out the BTL YouTube Channel.

Winner of the 1999 Mindview First Blood Awards for up and coming rock and Metal bands, BTL also represented Belgium at the 2012 Global Battle Of The Bands World Final, playing the Skala in London.

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