02 apr. 2022 The Crossover Presents,Dirty Sound Magnet + Daxx & Roxana, Saturday 2 April 2022


Rockfactory presenteert The Crossover Presents,Dirty Sound Magnet + Daxx & Roxana, Saturday 2 April 2022

Dirty Sound Magnet + Daxx & Roxane

  • za 02 april
  • 20:00
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  • 14,00


Psychedelic Rock power trio that will blow your mind away with its unique multi-faceted compositions and virtuosity.

From catchy rock’n’roll high-energy rock songs to shamanic psychedelia, a Dirty Sound Magnet show represents an amazing experience for any music lover. At any time, an outburst of raw electrifying energy can transform into emotionally overwhelming and mysterious landscapes made of complex colourful layers. The eye sees three musicians while the ear hears an orchestra. And every night the music is different…


Daxx & Roxane are a ‘full-throttle’ 4 piece rock n’ roll band originating from Switzerland, now based in London (UK).

Citing Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Mötley Crüe as key influences, it’s no wonder that Kerrang! Magazine has hailed them as “tooth-and-nail, testosterone-powered rock.”. Their philosophy “Rock ’n’ Roll is all about energy. All about creating an adrenalin rush” is reflected in their intense live shows, as anyone who witnessed their storming homecoming gig at the Montreux Jazz Festival would certainly tell you.

Their commitment to writing songs with killer riffs that grab you and refuse to let go, and huge chorus hooks that mark them as instant classics, is reflected in their highly praised debut album, ‘Ticket to Rock’. Their second studio album, rightfully self-titled ‘Daxx & Roxane’, showed the world they have what it takes to continue on the right tracks. Released in the middle of the world’s lockdown, it ended up on many shelves around the globe, from the UK to Japan, from Australia to the USA.

In the past 3 years, they started collaborating with world-known people from the industry. To mention just a few, they worked with Brit Award-winning producer Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Meatloaf, The Stereophonics) and legendary Don Airey (Deep Purple) on the single ‘Interstellar’, with the video being exclusively premiered on Planet Rock.


  • Locatie: The Crossover Music Pub, Langerbrugge Eiland 1, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)
  • Deuren open om: 12:00u
  • Einde om: 23:00u
  • Prijs aan de kassa: € 14,00

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